Window Shutters are considered to be “furniture for your windows”. They add an absolutely gorgeous look to any room, allowing for specific light control options through the type and vane size of the shutter. Our window shutter blinds are available in 3 different materials – Wood offers a natural choice, vinyl or PVC is an affordable option that is very light and easy to clean to Composite Shutters are a beautiful and durable choice. Café shutters also known as half shutters and Plantation shutters are different styles of this window covering, and are also offered in the three material options – real wood, vinyl and composite. Some of the vendors we work with provide eco-friendly wood and vinyl shutters – just ask us! Inside the home or outside with exterior shutters we have many options for your whole home. To ensure the best convenience, come to our blinds store for motorized exterior vinyl shutters in Toronto, Today.

wood window shutters

Extensively made premium grade real wood shutters, which can make your house royally aesthetic.

composite window shutters toronto

Convenient composite shutters, crafted ideally for highly humid areas to maintain indoor comfort.

window plantation shutters canada

Plantation shutters are successful, when one craves for an ideal mix of indoor comfort and outdoor scenic view.

automated window coverings

Royal and classy interior shutters which add an assorted touch to your home, making it amazing to see and cherish.

Café Shutters

Maintain privacy with the half height café shutters, and still have a sneak peek of the outside world.

window shutters canada

Multi-usage outdoor shutters, intelligently created to help you enjoy like you are on a vacation.