3 Questions Customers Have About Commercial Window Coverings

By on June 27th, 2018 in Blinds
Commercial Window Coverings

When it comes to commercial window coverings, customers typically ask the same three questions. Remember, commercial blinds and drapes serve a somewhat different purpose than those you purchase for a home. For that reason, it is essential to get specific information that ensures you end up with the best product for your business needs.

Top Questions Asked

1. What Makes Commercial Blinds and Drapes Different from Residential Window Treatments?

While the two share similarities, the primary difference is size. Compared to standard windows in a home, it is common for businesses to have at least some oversized or odd-shaped windows. For that reason, commercial customers need to buy customized window treatments.

The goal is to diffuse or block out enough sunlight so that people can work, yet not so much that they can’t see outside. Studies show that natural light has a significant impact on a person’s mood. At work, keeping employees happy and upbeat promotes motivation and productivity. With the right window treatment, you can create a positive work environment.

2. Are Commercial Vertical Blinds a Viable Option?

Yes, these blinds are a great option for some. Compared to vertical blinds installed in a home, those used to cover windows in businesses typically have wider slats. Also, it is common for commercial customers to select faux wood blinds, which look amazing, are more affordable than real wood, and last a long time. For boardrooms, conference rooms, and executive offices, either real or faux wood commercial vertical blinds create a sophisticated and business-like space.

3. Why Are Many Companies Now Using Curtains and Drapes in Work Environments?

The fact is that both curtains and drapes have a place in the work environment. For instance, curtains can complement the workplace and even function as a brand signature. If your company has a specific color scheme, you could purchase curtains that tie everything together or match the primary color in your company’s logo. The same goes for drapes, although these have heavier fabric, ideal for controlling light. If you have a boardroom, drapes that coordinate with the environment would enhance the room yet block out maximum light for when you give presentations.

Besides these three frequently asked questions, you might have others. If you need help choosing the right commercial vertical blinds, curtains, drapes, or shutters, turn to us at Budget Blinds. We offer an incredible selection of top-quality products, all competitively priced. We even provide free consultations. For more information, we invite you to visit us online or call to speak directly with a representative.