Are You Planning to Build a Smart Home? Incorporate Blinds in Your Etobicoke Home Design

By on September 21st, 2018 in Blinds
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The “smart home” is one of the most revolutionary advances in technology. With this type of home, you control almost everything via a computer or smartphone, including the air conditioning and heating system, lights, appliances, gas fireplace, the security system, dishwasher, thermostat, and much more. If you plan to build a smart home in Etobicoke, do not forget about the blinds.

There is no question that windows and blinds go perfectly together. Especially when you consider the broad range of options, you can use them for virtually any style of home and in any room. If you purchase the blinds from a reputable source, you can choose from multiple colors, textures, patterns, materials, sizes, shapes, and slat widths ideal for your new smart home.

Formally referred to as motorized blinds, you control them using a small handheld device. As you can imagine, that equates to a ton of convenience. For instance, if you become ill or sustain an injury and it becomes difficult for you to get in and out of bed, instead of struggling or asking someone for help, you press a button from your chair or bed to open or close the blinds.

Of course, there are endless conveniences of choosing blinds that you operate using a remote control. Whether dealing with an injury or illness or possibly enjoying intimate time with a partner, motorized blinds are ideal. If you plan to build a smart home or make an existing home more technically advanced, why not go all out. Even with tremendous benefits, when you buy motorized blinds from a reputable company, you will spend less than imagined.

Something else to consider is the efficiency of motorized blinds for windows. With many different slat sizes, you can remotely open the blinds on a hot, sunny day, letting in natural light while keeping some of the heat out. As you can imagine, this makes these types of window coverings far more energy efficient compared to more traditional treatments.

There is also a safety factor to consider with motorized blinds. Sadly, far too many children have died due to strangulation caused by hanging cords. If you have small children in your home, you watch your grandchildren, or perhaps you run a home daycare center, having cordless blinds installed eliminates any risk of injury or worse. Motorized blinds for windows even help prevent accidents that could cause harm to your pets.

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Budget Blinds of South Etobicoke is a top-rated company in Toronto that sells beautifully designed and fully functional blinds. We also have a broad range of shades, shutters, and even drapes and rugs. However, for your smart home, blinds that you control remotely are perfect for every room.