Top 10 Styles of Custom Window Treatments

By on July 20th, 2018 in Blinds, Shades
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For any home, regardless of size, style, or décor, the right custom window treatments will provide a complete transformation. While it is easy to assume that you would spend a small fortune buying customized window covers, the fact is that when you do business with a reputable company, not only will you enjoy affordability but also quality. You have an abundance of options, including these 10 styles.

Any of the 10 residential and commercial blinds and shades make great choices:

  • Luxurious Fabrics – If you decide to go with drapers as opposed to shaded windows and blinds, you can choose from a vast assortment of luxurious fabrics. Between leather, fur, suede, velvet, damask, silk, and more, there is a perfect window treatment for every room of your house.
  • Bamboo – Many people now gravitate to natural materials, including bamboo. In addition to its incredible beauty, this is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly wood.
  • High-Tech Features – You can also choose several high-tech features for your new custom window treatments. Automation sits at the top of the list, making it easy for you to adjust both light and privacy levels using a remote control.
  • Organic – Especially in 2018, organic window treatments have become increasingly popular. For this, you have many fantastic material choices, all of which are eco-friendly.
  • Allergy Safe – If you or someone in your home struggles with allergies consider anti-microbial and anti-fungal window treatments. Another benefit is that these materials are both mildew/mold and stain-resistant.
  • Woven Wood – Used as residential and commercial blinds and shades, woven wood is an excellent way to beautify an interior space. You can select materials like flax, hemp, and jute, among others.
  • Faux Wood – If you need to stick to a relatively tight budget, a respected company can make stunning customized blinds using faux wood. These treatments look and feel like real wood but at a reduced cost.
  • Top-Down, Bottom-Up – For the family room where you watch television and movies, this unique design gives you maximum control of light quality, thereby eliminating unwanted glare.
  • Fabric Shades – Thanks to advanced technologies, you can have a company personalize fabric shades just for you. With this, you end up with window coverings that look amazing and fit perfectly.
  • Inside Frame Design – Finally, you can take advantage of unused wall space by having shades for windows and blinds fitted within the window frame. Whether as is or with layering, this is an excellent way to transform any room.

For any one of these 10 design options, as well as many others, contact us at Window Coverings. As experts in window treatment, we will gladly customize a design specifically for your needs.